Summer road trips without car games? Talk about a long weekend.

We all know long car rides can be a drag. If you’re on the road for more than a couple hours at a time and there are other people with you, you’ll inevitably have to come up with some kind of activity to keep your minds from decomposing — especially if there are kids in the picture.

Reading might not be an option since it tends to make some people carsick. And unless everyone (driver excluded) has their own devices and headphones, listening to music requires all the passengers to agree on the playlist. Not an easy feat considering some parents prefer not to listen to rap or pop music for hours on end and kids won’t always appreciate classic rock or oldies.

As you’ll quickly discover, selecting the right game to play isn’t easy in the cramped confines of a car. “I Spy,” for example, isn’t especially great for fast highway travel. (“I spy something green and … behind us. Yep, it’s gone.”)

If you’re heading out on the road with the family, we know you’ll want to keep them occupied. So, to save you the trouble of trial and error, here are a few tried-and-true car games.

The License Plate Game

This car game is very simple and could potentially go on for years. Keep a list of all 50 states and check each one off as you spot a license plate from that state.

If you really like the idea, you can also shoot for international license plates. It’s not uncommon in America to spot plates from Mexico or Canada, and both of those countries have a variety of plates for different states and provinces.

The Alphabet Car Game

If the License Plate Game is a little slow-paced for your taste, maybe you’d prefer the Alphabet Game. (Clever titles, I know.) Start out looking for a word that begins with the letter A (“Alameda St. Exit 3 mi.”), then a word that starts with B (“Barbershop”), then C, D, and so forth until you complete the alphabet.

This can be played individually, cooperatively, or competitively. You’ll usually find that most of the action revolves around a few key letters. J is a tough one, and X is almost impossible. But you’ll drive past a Claim Jumper or Xerox Repair Center eventually — just make sure you’re the first to spot it!

20 Questions — a car game classic

You’re probably already familiar with this one. It’s my personal favorite because it will usually evolve in different ways with different groups of people.

One person comes up with an animal, vegetable, or mineral, and the rest of the car takes turns asking yes-or-no questions. If the askers can’t figure it out in 20 tries, the person who selected the answer wins. It’s as simple as that.

That’s just how I learned to play, though. There are lots of variations, so make sure to agree on the rules beforehand.

Unleash your creativity and invent your own car games

Sometimes the best games are the ones that you come up with yourself. Maybe you can assign points for spotting certain things: 10 points for a red van, 50 points for an airplane, 100 points for a UFO.

Other options include card games that don’t require table space, taking turns adding lines to a story that you make up as you go, and discussing supersymmetric string theory. Be creative and the miles will fly by.

Plugging in on the road

Some parents may hesitate to let their kids “plug in” on the road — chances are their eyes are glued to a screen enough as it is. Plus, if you don’t already own a portable game system, these aren’t exactly cheap. Newer setups, such as the PlayStation Vita or the upcoming Nvidia Shield, will run you upwards of $250.

Portable games are an option for long trips if you’re in need of some quiet time. A single game can last anywhere from 5 to 100 hours (not on a single charge, obviously), and many of them have connectivity options for online play or local multiplayer. Some games on the iPhone® or Android™ platforms (Angry Birds, Minecraft) also offer hours of child-friendly gameplay.

If you’re setting out on a lengthy road trip, eventually boredom will begin to creep up on you. But with these suggestions, you’ll be prepared for the miles ahead and able to keep you and your family relatively sane until you’ve reached your destination.

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