Every August, motorcycle enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and bikers from all corners of the U.S. hit the highways and head to a tiny (typically quiet) town in South Dakota. Sturgis.

In 1938, J.C.“Pappy” Hoel and the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club held their first (9-bike) rally, and since then Sturgis has grown to become the stuff of legend. Last year an estimated 600,000 attended the 7-day biker gathering.

If you’re headed to Sturgis, you can expect bikes, Badlands, and buffaloes, but first you might want to check out our motorcycle insurance FAQs. Seriously. You never know what can happen when more than a half-million people converge in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, and it pays to be prepared for anything.

As insurance experts, we’ve gathered everything you might possibly need to know about motorcycle insurance into one easy-to-find place (you might say it’s the Sturgis of useful info). And if you’re traveling across the country to get to Sturgis, find out which states are the most motorcycle friendly.

So check it out, make sure you have the motorcycle insurance you need, and last but certainly not least, ride safe.

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