Trees are pretty cool. They mark the seasons, provide shade and protection, beautify our communities, and purify the air we breathe. Sure, you know all that. But did you know that trees can also save you money on your car insurance? It may sound like crazy talk, but actually…it’s true.

More and more studies are indicating that trees enhance traffic safety by helping to reduce speed. Here’s how they do it:

  • Tall trees — like tall buildings — make a street feel narrower, which slows drivers down as they compensate for decreased maneuverability and line of sight.
  • Trees that are spaced close together help slow drivers by creating the perception of speed as they go by very quickly.

Reduced speed, especially in residential areas, most always results in fewer accidents. And fewer accidents, of course, means better auto insurance rates.

But that’s not the only way that trees are able to benefit urban communities.

Additional benefits of trees

In addition to helping calm traffic and reduce auto insurance rates, trees offer numerous other benefits:

  • They help reduce crime and make streets safer.
  • They help lower energy spending with their cooling shade.
  • They reduce noise and air pollution and help offset carbon emissions.

Esurance and trees: 85,429 planted

On September 24, 2005, we planted our very first tree with T.R.E.E., Inc. as part of our ongoing green initiative. Since then we’ve planted 85,428 more in urban areas from Denver to Chicago. All part of our quest to make the world a safer place to drive…and a little greener too!

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